Fabrication Training & Registration

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide our network of fabricators with superior service and support, C.H. Briggs conducts Corian® Quartz (formerly Zodiaq®) and Corian® Fabrication and Installation Certification Training throughout the year at our facilities.

See below for how to register to attend a training class led by DuPont Certified Instructor, John Womer.

Fabrication Training Classes

Authorized Corian® Quartz (formerly Zodiaq®) Installer classes are designed to provide information on Corian® Quartz surfaces, Z-1 fabrication, installation requirements and product non-conformities. This 1-day class is a prerequisite for those interested in becoming an Authorized Corian® Quartz Installer (AZI). Authorized Manufacturer Installers (AMIs) and commercial fabricators, and their new hires, will also find it beneficial.

Knowledge and training are key to ensuring technically correct fabrication and installation of Corian® solid surfaces. C.H. Briggs offers a Corian® Solid Surface Fabrication and Installation training course to existing Corian® fabricators/installers, fabricators interested in becoming certified, and others who would have value for obtaining knowledge on the required fabrication and installation procedures for Corian®.

For fabricators who install for the commercial market, C.H. Briggs offers a one day course on Commercial Corian® Fabrication and Installation.The course provides valuable training and knowledge on the required fabrication and installation procedures.

We invite you to register for one of our fabrication classes led by our Fabrication Segment Manager and certified DuPont instructor, John Womer. Please fill in all the required information on the following form or forms depending on which class or classes you wish to attend and fax it to John Womer at 610.939.1673  or email it to jwomer@chbriggs.com.

Once your registration is received, you will get a confirmation of acceptance of your registration and billing information from.  Please note, you need to be a C.H. Briggs customer to participate in the classes.

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