About C.H. Briggs

Quickscrews International

For the past 20 years, QuickScrews has worked to be at the forefront of the fastener industry by developing new and innovative fasteners designed to save customers time and money.


The world's largest manufacturer of functional storage organizing products, Rev-A-Shelf offers the finest storage solutions available for kitchen, bath, office and closet applications. C.H. Briggs also distributes Lazy Daisy by Rev-A-Shelf, a line of lazy susans and cabinet accessories that offers even more diversification and price ranges.

Richmond International Forest Products

Founded in 1982, Richmond International Forest Products (RIFP) is a subsidiary of the Forest City Trading Group. The business has grown steadily and now they employ 28 professional lumber traders and an administrative staff of 14. RIFP develops logistical support for both rail and trucking on site and this service includes rail tracing, truck dispatch and claim settlement.

Richwood Industries

Richwood Industries manufacturers Polybak backer. Polybak, in addition to now being GreenGuard certified, is up to 2 times stronger than competing backers, is extremely flexible, paintable, moisture resistant and boasts a class A flame spread rating. Polybak offers so many benefits you'll never switch back!

Rockford Process Control, Inc

Rockford Process Control (RPC) provides ANSI and BHMA grade quality hinges, wire doors and pulls, including the well-known "Rockford Hinge," for applications in institutions like schools, hospitals, prisons and a variety of other businesses worldwide.

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