C.H. Briggs To Participate in NAW 2014 Panel Discussions

C.H. Briggs CIO, Scott Withers is co-presenting a panel discussion on "Marketing Assumes Center Stage in Distribution" at this year's NAW Executive Summit on January 30th.

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Washington, DC, - The National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) Executive Summit is one of the premier events of the year as it relates to the wholesale distribution industry. It runs from January 28th through January 30th and focuses on helping wholesaler-distributors across the industry "Reimagining Distribution" and "Reimaging Your Business" by looking to:

  • capitalize on opportunities in e-commerce, mobility, and social networking
  • develop a more compelling value proposition and execute it effectively
  • move the marketing function to a position of greater importance in defining your company's strategic direction, building your brand, and ensuring that you are engaging consistently with your customers across all channels
  • reimagine both your role in the value chain and the structure and functions that comprise your organization.

The summit features some of the best networking with your peers from a variety of wholesale distribution and industry lines of trade. This year's conference will feature the introduction of the latest publication, #1 best seller, Facing the Forces of ChangeĀ®: Reimagining Distribution in a Connected World. This publication is the road map for the next three to five years for distributors. During that time, these existing and future trends will transform the industry, changing the way all distributors interact with customers and suppliers, altering the role of individual functions within the distribution business, and driving the imperative for true business-model innovation.

As wholesaler-distributors look to both craft a compelling value proposition and execute it effectively, the marketing function assumes much greater importance. Traditional marketing functions within distribution companies have focused on sales enablement, but the marketing function of the future will help define the strategic direction of the company, prioritize market opportunities, craft segment-specific value propositions, build the distributor brand, and ensure that the company engages consistently with customers across all channels.

Guy Blissett, principal author of Facing the Forces of ChangeĀ®: Reimagining Distribution in a Connected World, will cover the above dimension of the new approach to distribution marketing during a panel discussion on January 30th from 10:05 am - 10:45 am. Participating with Guy Blissett in an industry roundtable will be Scott Withers, CIO of C H Briggs in Reading, PA and Peter Bingaman, Chief Marketing Officer of MSC Industrial Supply Company. They will join Guy in a discussion of the critical convergence of Information Technology and Marketing in the future of distribution and share mutual success stories that should provoke thought and inspire creative and innovative thinking for executives within the industry. Both Scott and Peter along with their companies have made contributions towards the research and have already begun to implement solutions and practices that will be outlined for the future.

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