Our Friend and Our First VP of Sales and Marketing, Jesse Minnich,

passed away on Friday, December 12th.

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READING, PA, December 15, 2014 - Our friend and co-worker, Jesse Minnich, died on Friday, December 12th, after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease.  He helped shape the success, direction and culture of C.H. Briggs as our first Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Jesse knew everyone and was respected and loved by all in our industry.  He was a warm and wise mentor to many of us.

We all have a favorite Jesse story -- about traveling with him where he would make fiends and come away with an order or a new vendor with his seat mate on an airplane; about trying to walk a trade show with him where his curiosity and friendships would make us start early, stay late and take hours per aisle; about talking politics and government and human nature and always coming away smarter after hearing his views.

He was always kind and in good humor and he took great pride in helping others succeed.  We are grateful for his presence and the gifts he shared with us individually and as a company. Although he retired years ago, his impact is still felt everyday and he will be greatly missed.


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