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Granite natural stone slabs are individual works of art created by nature and imported by C.H. Briggs from all over the world. The magnificent fissures and surface depressions found in granite create veining and movement of colors that simply can not be imitated. 

Granite can be worked to achieve a variety of finishes:

  • antique textured
  • honed
  • satin
  • ice
  • bush hammered or
  • polished to a mirror finish

Granite offers permanence, enduring color and texture making it an excellent choice for countertops, fireplaces, steps, road and driveway curbing, terraces, and public spaces.

You are welcome to experience hand-selecting your stone at our Selection Center located in Telford, PA. Open for entirely-indoor viewing six days a week. Boasting hundreds of colors, you can walk among aisle after aisle of gorgeous natural stone. Accompanied by our expert staff, you will be inspired and moved by the variety of options available to help bring your distinct vision to life.

Until then, we encourage you to check out the wide array of colors currently available in our granite inventory. Browse through our Stone Selector by Lot to get ideas and inspiration for your design or project.

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