Corian® Bench Inventions

C.H. Briggs adorned the city of Philadelphia with DuPont™ Corian® Bench Inventions during DesignPhiladelphia

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C.H. Briggs teamed up with DuPont, elite Philadelphia-area architects & designers, and local Philadelphia fabricators to create inventive and contemporary benches made entirely of DuPont™ Corian®. Corian, a flexible design material that can be thermoformed into custom shapes and contours, sandblasted, routed, carved, laser-etched and backlit, gave participating designers almost limitless possibilities with their bench designs. The "Corian® Bench Inventions" were showcased in three locations throughout the city of Philadelphia in conjunction with DesignPhiladelphia October, 2009.

These innovative designs ignited the imagination of Philadelphia's design and architect community and created a flurry of media activity. Click here to see where our Corian Bench Inventions were recently featured in trade publications and industry blogs.

A-Bench Designed by Kristine Shilling of EwingCole RDLA & created by Solid Image, Inc.
Conversation Bench
Conversational Bench Designed by Rick Marencic of Daroff Design, Inc. & created by Allegheny Solid Surfaces Technologies.
Fair Share
Fair Share Designed by Harry Allen of Harry Allen Design & created by MacLaren Fabrication, Inc.
Leaf Bench Designed by Rich Kileen, Robert Bray, Courtney Moorhead and Suzanne Wright of Granary & Associates & created by Eastern Surfaces, Inc.
Leg-Go Bench Designed by Kate High of EwingCole & created by Henry H. Ross & Son, Inc.
Milk Designed by Todd Tully Danner of ArQitecture & created by McGrory Inc.
Permutation Bench Designed by Andrew Simmons of Francis Cauffman & created by Allegheny Solid Surface Technologies.
Respect Designed by Adrienne Yancone of DIE Creative & created by Pence Countertops, Inc.
Rock'n Chair
Rock'n Chair Bench Designed by Joanne Titcomb of Spillman Farmer Architects & created by John Kramer's Fabrication, Inc.
Rocks! Bench Designed by Patrycja Doniewski of QB3 & created by MacLaren Fabrication, Inc.
S'il Vous Play: Shipping Crates in Faux Bois
Shipping Crates Bench Designed by Kevin Derrick of Bahdeebahdu & created by R.D. Wing.
Stoop Bench
Stoop Bench Designed by Josh Owen of Josh Owen LLC. & created by Solid Surface Designs, Inc.
the.span.4 Bench Designed by Chris Dawson of LSC Design & created by MacLaren Fabrication, Inc.
Urban Skate Bench
Urban Skate Bench Designed by Jaime Salm of MIO & created by John Kramer's Fabrication, Inc.
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