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The first job a washroom, locker room, or any room that serves a utilitarian purpose, has is to be functional. But the room should also make a positive visual impression, one that enhances the image of the business or organization.

The C.H. Briggs Division 10 offering was created with these two requirements in mind. D•10 specializes in washroom finish products such as toilet partitions and stainless steel accessories. We proudly represent the finest quality lockers, washroom accessories, fire protection, mailboxes, projection screens, display boards, floor mats and grates – from over 50 leading manufacturers.

By integrating D•10 products into your design, you can create functional rooms that serve their purpose well – and are impressive looking and inviting to use, too. 

Partitions in various styles, models, materials and colors to fit your specific project needs. With "green," privacy, graffiti, scratch and moisture resistant options as well as materials to fit every budget, finding the best solution for your washroom project is simple.
Lockers suitable for all purposes including schools, recreation centers, gyms, break rooms, hospitals, bowling alleys, employee locker room etc. We carry the sizes and colors that will suit your project.
Washroom Accessories including hand dryers, baby changing stations, toilet tissue holders, towel dispensers, mirrors, soap dispensers, access doors, grab bars and much more. We are proud that many of our products are environmentally friendly and contribute to reduced waste.
Fire Protection Specialties/Access Doors from JL Industries and Potter Roemer including extinguishers, extinguisher cabinets, vents and valve cabinets.
Mailboxes in varying high-quality designs to ensure maximum security, privacy and durability.
  • Salsbury Industries
Projection Screens and accessories including multimedia carts, stands and tripods for commercial and residential use.
Display Boards and similar products for corporate and educational use. Products include bulletin boards, literature display holders, display cases and message centers.
Floor Mats And Grates (stainless, rigid, roll up), stair treads, wall protections systems and corner bumper guards.
  • Babcock Davis
  • JL Industries
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