Our friend and beloved co-worker for over 25 years, Dennis McCrabe, 

passsed away December 29, 2015

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SYKESVILLE, MD - We are extremely sadden to let you know of the passing of our friend Dennis McCrabe on December 29, 2015. Dennis was a beloved Co-Worker for over 25 years. Dennis was one of our first employees in our Baltimore location and a true leader in establishing Briggs in that market. His talent and the  Customer relationships that Dennis and wife Kathy had were a major reason we made the acquisition to enter the Baltimore/DC market way back in 1989.

Whether you are a Briggs Co-Worker, Customer or Supplier, if you knew Dennis he left an impact on you. Dennis made friends wherever he went and everyone at Briggs was proud to be his colleague.   Dennis always approached life with positive energy and a smile. A more helpful person you will never run across. The impact that Dennis had on many of us continues every day and we will miss him. His legacy of hard work, the power of a positive mind and lots of great stories will live  on with many of us. When we hear his name it will always bring a smile to our face. 

He leaves behind his beloved Kathy, a daughter, two sons  and six grandchildren.

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